About us

Tracer Consulting Group serves as an incubator for next-generation products and services used in a variety of industries. We have extensive experience in the area of electronic and cashless commerce and financial services. We also have significant marketing strategies and new age marketing programs which incorporate social media and advertising.

Our growing family of companies and products are all held to the highest standards of quality and affordability. We also take great pride in our aggressive efforts to make charitable giving a prominent part of our daily operations.

why choose us?

  • At Tracer Consulting Group we pride ourselves on making charitable giving a central part of our daily operation.

    We are committed to maintaining credibility and accountability within our community by supporting local non-profit organizations and educational institutions. We have taken great strides to weave this philosophy into our corporate infrastructure.

    To facilitate this, we created the SHARE CARE GIVE Program. This program is derived among three entities: the retail merchant, Tracer COCARD, and the non-profit partner. We have established endowed charitable funds that are fully financed by Tracer COCARD Merchant Services. This means that a portion of all revenue generated by the participating Tracer COCARD merchant is invested in non-profits or educational institutions.

our mission

Tracer COCOARD is pledging at least 10% of its revenue to be placed into the SHARE CARE GIVE Foundation.

Net revenue is defined as all revenue remaining after paying sponsoring banks, ISO’s, and agents. Tracer COCARD does not deduct any operating or salary expense from this total. Our primary focus is on promoting education and supporting beneficial non-profits.