Merchants will be given the option to participate in one of three SHARE CARE GIVE Programs. These programs offer multiple ways to reward business or non-profits that work with Tracer Consulting Group and our payment processing partnership with COCARD. The three programs are:

Membership Rewards:

Merchants can enroll in membership rewards and receive points for each dollar spent on processing. Points can be exchanged for rewards and gifts. Annual membership fees apply.

Swipe it Forward Partner Referral Rewards:

Local non profit organizations that partner with Tracer Consulting/COCARD will receive profit share in the fees that are paid for accepting electronic payments. This special program includes full marketing material and local consultants to speak to merchants on behalf of the non-profit referral partners.

Digital Donations Rewards:

Merchants that do not enroll in the membership rewards program or partner referral rewards program can automatically participate in the Community Fund. This will place a national non-profit charity as an overlay on the POS terminal and customers/consumers will be able to directly support one of several national charities.

Tracer is committed to rewarding those who do business with us. We are also committed to making a difference in both the industry and the communities we service. We CARE so we SHARE and GIVE as a way to REWARD others.